How to reset Chromecast (Factory Data Reset,FDR)?


When do you need to reset Chromecast (factory data reset)?

Most of the time, it is not necessary to factory reset Chromecast  (factory data reset). The device update itself when connected to internet.  It seldom gives problem.

But in the following two scenarios, you probably have to reset  Chromecast:

  • You change your wireless router. Chromecast can only remember one network. If you changed your router, you can either re-do the setup (you may follow this Chromecast setup guide) if the old network is not in range, or simply reset Chromecast.
  • Chromecast hangs or freezes.  You can try to plug out the USB power cable, then check whether Chromecast works after plugging the cable back. But if this doe not work or Chromecast hangs frequently, it is good idea to reset Chromecast (factory data reset) before calling Google support or returning the unit.

How to reset Chromecast (factory data reset)?

It is quite simple to factory reset Chromecast. There are two ways to factory reset Chromecast.

Method 1: Use the button on Chromecast to reset Chromecast

Hold down the button (next to the micro USB port) on your Chromecast for at least 25 seconds or until the solid light begins flashing. Then disconnect the USB power cable. Wait a few seconds. Connect the USB cable again. This will factory reset Chromecast (factory data reset).

Because there is only one button on Chromecast, you surely will not miss it.

Method 2:  Using Chromecast App in your devices to reset Chromecast

This method is only applicable when you still can connect to Chromecast from your device (e.g., an Android phone or tablet).

Sometimes, if Chromecast simply freezes and you cannot connect to it from your device, you then have to use method 1 mentioned above to reset Chromecast.

To reset Chromecast, you need start the Chromecast App on your device, find and connect to it. Once connected, tap the menu button, you will see the information on this Chromecast dongle, and a popup window (as shown below):

reset chromecast (factory data reset)

You can tap “Factory reset Chromecast ” to reset Chromecast. (Occasionally, you can also reboot Chromecast by tapping “Reboot Chromecast”).

Once you reset Chromecast, all your old network settings will be wiped out. You need connect to the wireless router again following the Chromecast manual.

Can you reset Chromecast now? If you have any questions or get any problems in resetting Chromecast, please let us know if eh comment box below.

More Chromecast tutorials, tips and tricks can be find in our Chromecast How-to Guide page.

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  1. Hugo Carmona says


    When connecting my chromecast on any given day, it gave an error screen, and was no longer being recognized by the phone.

    I tried to reboot with the idicações up and failed.

    it does not restart and did not blink evenly.

    what might be happening?

    it is only with the white light on, not for trading any other color.

    appreciate the attention.

  2. says

    Hi, I reset the Chromecast like step 1, a new number apers, but still don’t connecting;
    I had just chance my modem, what can i do?

  3. gaurav says

    mine is not blinking at all. It was working fine. Now its not turning on. I tried pressing for a min. taking out, doing a power recycle too by pressing button, but it seems nothing worked for me. Any suggestions please?

  4. Christine says

    The light never blinks. We held it for over 24 seconds. We can’t reset Chromecast from our devices, because they cannot locate the Chromecast. Since we are trying the reset process via holding down the button on the device at least 24 seconds and the light never starts blinking, it appears we have no way to reset the device. It is useless to us at this point. HELP Please!

  5. Christine says

    We went ahead and exchanged this chromecast for a new one today. We’ll keep this in mind if we run into this problem again. Thanks for trying!

  6. Vic says

    Tried reset, the led went white, but from my ipad, it won’t recognize a chromecast at all, everytime I launch the app, it wants to find it, because it can’t find it, I don’t have the menu option either. I don’t have another USB to match this cord.

  7. mark says

    I also have a problem trying to find device from my asus tablet using chromecast app.
    Other apps cast okay.
    Also have galaxy s5 and that finds device and casts without any problems.
    Router working on 2.4th.
    Have tried rebooting router and factory resetting chromecast but my tablet still cannot find device using chromecast app.

  8. Johnc says

    My chromecast is connected and is working ok but i don’t see the popup menu that you mention that should allow me to reboot or factory reset the chromecast from the app

  9. judith veldhuizen says

    hi. I have tried to reset my chromecast because laste week I tried my chromecast on another network, but now it asks to reconnect on that network, but i’m not there anymore and i can’t change it to my own network…

    I tried to reset with option 1, but it doesn’t work.. I hold the botton for 25 seconds.. when there is a white blink i disconnect the adapter for a few seconds.. but it doesn’t change anything.. when i put the chromecast in my tv, i still get the message tho reconnect with that other network..

  10. jennifer says

    Trying CC at new location & Flashing white light is all I get after everything I try. At times it will stay red & I’ll try to reset, but it flashes once after about 15 seconds & then gives the setup issue screen. :(

  11. JL says

    ok, I tried method one, and now the screen says resetting to factory defaults. It has been that way for over 15 minutes.
    any suggestions?

  12. says

    It used to work- but did not use it for a few months-now I want to use it but the chromecast led is solid pink and no matter how I try -holding the reset button while its plugged in or not plugged in -all I get is the pink light and nothing on my HDMI selection (have 3 open HDMIs -same result all 3) using the power adapter as well I should add ! and also tried not using the power adapter too but cant seem to shake the pink ! the CC app also cannot find it
    is it ready for the trashcan ??

    • simon says

      The led is red during booting or updating.

      If nothing shows on the TV fire more than 5 mins, the red colour normally indicates insufficient current from the power supply or some booting problems.

      If you are not using the “official” power adapter, you need check the power adapter has 1000mA or higher current output. Most new Samsung adapters should provide sufficient current. (The official one is 850mA).

      If it’s due to booting problem, you can try to reset it as you did. But remember, you need power it (with sufficient power)when reseting. You need hold button for more than 24 seconds (normally you will see the led flashes or changes colour after 24 seconds). Then disconnect the power, wait a min, connect to power again.

      If the reset really doesn’t work, you probably have no choices except claiming warranty or letting it sleep forever.

      To stream local media, please read this guide: Comparison of 5 methods for streaming local media files to Chromecast
      Chromecast or Miracast? Please read this guide: Chromecast VS Miracast: everything you need know about Chromecast, wireless display and screen mirroring |||

  13. says

    anyone else having issues getting chromecast to connect to their network? I keep getting the reconnect me message no matter what network I use and even though they’re all working. Did a factory reset too and no dice. Any help?

  14. tracey says

    hi simon i have set up chromecast but it is not showing on tv. everything is working till i select a film. my phone says its playing but tv screen is blank any suggestions please tracey

  15. Justin says

    My CC has just been giving me a “Hang one a sec… ‘cast’ needs to reboot to apply an update.” for a couple weeks.

    I can’t get it to factory reset because none of my devices recognize it, and no matter how many times I try, I can’t get the white light to blink.

    I unplug it and reconnect and it takes a couple minutes to apply an update – but when the update is applied, I am left with the same “hang on a sec” screen.

  16. Chris G. says

    Chromecast worked 2 times out of the box…… What a waist of money…… Guess I’m going to have to get another Apple tv. Apple TV 2, chromecast garbage.

  17. Dorte weber says

    The chromecast app is saying that the chromecast has been configured correctly however it can’t connection to my ipad. I know that the two devises are on the same wi-fi network so I don’t understand what the problem is.
    I am using a router called technicolor TG788vn from my internet supplier

  18. Dorte weber says

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your reply. I must admit I am a bit of novice at this.
    I finished the setup from my ipad. On the tv screen I got the message that the chromecast was succesfully installed and ready to cast. However on the chromecast app I was told that the chromecast and ipad couldn’t communicate.
    I am certain that they are both connected to the same wi-fi network.
    I don’t know if it something in my settings.

  19. adam says

    Im running chromecast from my Sony Xperia phone (android) I switched Internet providers and now when I try to run the setup for my chromecast to connect to the wiffi network I get an error saying (unfortunately chromecast has stopped) ive tried everything from rebooting to reinstalling the app. Nothing works. Any help would be appreciated thanks

  20. BENN says

    HELLO .. I have the same problem .. new router , now when i connect the CC to the HDMI and power to the wall outlet the LED start on red .. but then start blinking on white, tried the factory reset it went to red I unplug it , then reconnect it to the wall power .. still do the same …
    any ideas ?

  21. says

    Hi Simon I am having a problem and was wondering if you could help me. I have replaced my router and TV and haven’t used the chromecast in a few months. When I plug it into the TV it shows the “Chromecast…” screen for about 2 seconds then goes black and repeats this. The light is red most of the time but changes to white for a second. I have tried all the ways of resetting I could find like holding the reset 25 seconds and unplugging the power.

    After messing with it for a while I gave up and had the chromecast plugged into the power but not into the TV. When I was messing around on my ipad I noticed it had my old TV name in wifi. I joined it, ran the setup and it started fine. When I got to the part where it connects to my router it always fails and starts the process over. Can you give me any suggestions on what I might try next?

  22. Andre says

    Hi I just bought the chromecast and installed but I can only see the welcome page and nothing elese. I’m connected to my iphone5 and try to watch my small movies in my iPhone and also youtube shows but nothing goes to my tv what only shows me “ready to cast”. txs for any help

  23. titine22 says

    I have a problem with my chromecast. I plug it to my TV and …. nothing . I have selected the right hdmi port and the light of the chromecast is white. I have a Siligeance routeur , is that compatible with chromecast.

    Thank you for your answer.

  24. Lori Ethridge says

    Got Chromecast all set up. Said ready to cast. Then said it was getting updates. 2hrs later it’s still getting updates. Should I reset again?

  25. tberry7348 says

    There is a third reason to do a factory reset thats not listed. I baught one yesterday and will be returning it tomarow. I don’t want my info left on it. It’s not broken so it can be resold by walmart but they told me rong @ best buy. At bestbuy they told me it worked exactly like a samsung AllShare cast dongle. It does not. It will not allow me to screen mirror my galaxy s3. It also doesn’t have a amazon app. The whole reason I wanted it was because my blue ray player doesn’t work with anszon instant videos but my fone does.
    Since it doesn’t work for what I baught it to do I will be returning it. That would be the third reason to reset it to factory defaults.

  26. Marco Cáceres says

    Hello, when i connect my Chromecast the led start in red, in my TV show the spinning google logo, then the screen go black and the led of the Chromecast is white blinking. My nexus 5 and 10 found the chromecastxxxx but never can’t connect to it.

    I review the ap isolation, change of ap (I have 2 Ap and 1 routed with the ap disabled) but can’t connect neither of the cases.

    I’m connecting the power with the original power supply and also try connecting the hdmi extender.

    Any suggestion por idea??


  27. Rene says

    Hi there
    After 2 months of usage, my chromecast os stuck on the update loop. In this mode, I can’t connect it with any of my devices (nexus 5, nexus 7 and PC).
    Tried several times to hold down the button for 25 seconds or more, and it didn’t work.
    Also tried to disconnect the router and do the reset later, but it always remembers my network.
    Help? Thanks!

  28. martin says

    Hi Simon,

    I had been using chromecast for a while but rebooted my router and now cannot connect chromecast to my wireless network. Tried reboot and FDR to no avail. All my other devices connect to the wireless network just fine using the network password. Chromecast set up works up to the point where I enter the wirelss network password. It tries to connect but fails and says check password, its the same password that works with all my other devices. Any suggestions

  29. Caroline says

    Hi. I thought that I had successfully set-up my Chromecast about a week ago, but now when I go to use it, it’s not being recognized by the TV – as in, it’s plugged into the HDMI port and the outlet, but my TV (I’ve tried more than one) still reads “No Signal” as if nothing is connected.

    Therefore, I tried to set it to Factory Re-Set (since nothing is registering on the computer, I’m left to the manual option). But the light is unchanging for me. It’s white and remains white – no blinking or color change.

    Do you have any suggestions to assist?


    Also – do you know if Google have a live chat feature for these issues?

  30. Fábio dos Anjos says

    Hi Folks,
    I still have the same problem … My chromecast makes update … reboots … and then starts a new update … this loop never ends…
    Serial Number: REMOVED Model: REMOVED FCC ID: A4RH2G2-42 IC: REMOVED
    Google just ignore my messages …
    Has anyone had the same problem or has any idea about how to solve it?
    I’ve tried reset the factory settings… but no success…. :(

  31. Giulia says

    Actually sometimes it shows a black screen with written “Chromecast…” in white at the bottom, but it doesn’t do anything else

  32. Stranded says

    In the middle of a show CC stopped working. My apps show it as connected but nothing will cast. I’ve rebooted, factory reset, unplugged, restarted phone, even called my geek brother. Please help!

  33. H.Schneider says

    Chromecast no longer reboots after update. I can factory reset and the update loads 0%..100%. Then the stick reboots and says 10%…20%… failed_reboot. Sometimes it starts and shows pictures, but shortly it tries to update again. Can it be that there are HW revisions of it and the new update is simply not supporting my stick.

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