How to change Chromecast WiFi network?


If you have two WiFi networks at home for different purposes, for example, one for normal usage, and the other connecting to a VPN server, you may sometimes want to switch  Chromecast WiFi network.

This tutorial will show you how to change  Chromecast WiFi network  if you have more than one WiFi network at home.

Please note, this tutorial assumes you can access both WiFi networks. If you no longer have the access to the old network, you have to reset your Chromecast as shown in this tutorial.

Chromecast can only remember one network at any time. Changing Chromecast WiFi network means that the old network info will be deleted from Chromecast device.

Chromecast can only access 2.4GHz WiFi network. But your mobile devices or PCs that are on 5GHZ  network or on Ethernet can still find and connect to this Chromecast device,  as long as your devices and Chromecast are connecting to the same router.

To switch or change Chromecast WiFi network, you need:

  • 2 or more WiFi networks in the same location (otherwise, why switch?)
  • your mobile devices can access both networks
  • Chromecast can access both  WiFi networks (2.4G only)
  • mobile devices with Chromecast app installed

In this tutorial, we will use an Android  device  (iPhone or iPad works in the similar way). The Chromecast WiFi network will be changed from “dlink24g” to “tplink24g” .

Step 0: Power on Chromecast

To change Chromecast WiFi network, Chromecast must be on and connected to a WiFi network.

If you do not want to watch the changes on TV (you can always see it on your mobile devices), you do NOT need to power on the TV.

Step 1: Start Chromecast App on mobile device

To manage the WiFi network for Chromecast devices from a mobile device, you have to start Chromecast App in your mobile device.

Once the  Chromecast App is started, your mobile device will search for any Chromecast devices in the same network in range.

The discovered Chromecast devices will be listed once the search is over as shown below.


Step 2: Connect mobile device to Chromecast

In the devices page,  tap the Chromecast device  to connect the mobile device to this Chromecast device.



When your mobile device is connected to (paired with)  the Chromecast device, the detailed information of this Chromecast setup will be shown as below:


Now, the device is connected to dlink24G.

Step 3:  Change Chromecast WiFi network

To change Chromecast WiFi network, simply tap the network entry as shown above. This will brings a popup window showing current network info.


Tap the current WiFi network info as shown above, you will get the list of WiFi networks in range (discovered by your Chromecast device).


Tap on the new  WiFi network you want to use.

Provide the password for that WiFi network.

Tap OK to change Chromecast WiFi network.


Now you will get a warning message. It tells you that if you tap OK, your Chormecast device and your mobile device will be not in the same network. The Chromecast App on your mobile device will automatically switch your mobile device’s WiFi network to the same network as Chromecast. In other words, your mobile device will change WiFi network automatically after you change Chromecast WiFi network.

Of course, if the password of the new network is not saved in your mobile devices, the connection will fail.

You can also manually change the WiFi network in your mobile device. Please check the user manual of your device.



After tapping OK, the Chromecast device will try to connect to the new WiFi network. Now you finish to change the Chromecast WiFi network.


Step 4: Connect your Mobile device to the network

If both of your mobile device and Chromecast connect to the new network successfully, you will be able to find in the devices page as shown below.


This means you successfully changed Chromecast WiFi network. You can now stream contents to your TV from this new network.

Do you have any problems to change Chromecast WiFi network? Please let us know in the comment box below.

For more Chromecast  tutorial, you may check our Chromecast how-to guide page.

Enjoy your Chromecast!

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  1. \Bert Gregg says

    The device worked until we installed u-verse recently, but I can’t change inputs. When I try, I’m prompted to open the chrome cast app.. This starts the connection process with no options except “continue” and “cancel” The only option results in another long fruitless search for the device which is plugged in and blinking, but inoperative.. Is there any other way to change inputs?

  2. Lindak says

    How can a connect my chromecast when it only recognized a wifi who’s router was fried in an electric storm & replaced with a different combination router/modem?

  3. Amit says

    My Chromecast was working fine for my Wireless Network/Laptop. I changed the wireless network while giving a demo at my friends place using his laptop. Now the issue I can setup the device only using my friends Laptop lime its tagged to it.
    I can see my chromecast but cannot set it up using my Laptop( and my network. I have tried resetting the device but still same issue. Not sure if I am missing something here or just a silly mistake from my side.
    error: “we cant seem to connect to your chromecast.”

  4. Ionela says

    I changed ISPs from Comcast to Frontier, updated Chromecast settings (wifi ID and password) but it does not connect. It says “Something went wrong” and to check to network settings and try again. I’ve checked and double check the wifi id and password. Still no luck…any ideas?

  5. Stacy says

    My chromecast was working fine until, I added a password to my wifi. Now, it tells me that it cannot connect after I add the correct password. Can anyone help me?

  6. says

    I am trying to change my chromecast setting from the lower setting to the higher one. We were unable to do that when we installed it and the lower setting is stopping when watching a movie. It didn’t go the way the the tutorial said and I may have deleted the chrome cast from my iPad. I have it on my apple lap top. HELP!!! I am not technically savey. Thanks.

  7. says

    When I set it up the ChromeCast worked fine and I was able to connect to it via my Andriod mobile, laptop and Desktop, but once I switched off all, and in morning it keeps saying “Connected to dlink (wifi network name) but cannot access the internet” the set up also fails as it is unable to find Chromecast device. Not sure what went wrong but it was working perfectly on the first day of purchase. I am using Dlink router with 2.4 GHz and for ChromeCast an external power supply and HDMI extender as mentioned in manual.

  8. Miki says

    My daughter tried to set up her chromecast at college and wasn’t able to get the cast icon on her apps such as Netflix and Pandora. She just brought it home and I was able to set it up on our home tv. Can you take chromecast from one location to another? If so, how do you change the wireless network?

  9. ricky says

    When I switch on chromecast my iPhone connects to my wifi network although router is switched off, any ideas why?. Thanks

  10. Ricky says

    Thanks Simon, does that mean although phone shows connected to wifi, it won’t actually stream to chromecast?, my phone connects to known networks automatically.

  11. Isaiah says

    Hi I just bought chrome cast. I don’t have WiFi at home but I use my mobile data. Can I still cat stuff off my android phone to my tv using the device?

    I’ve tried but it keeps saying to check password… What to do!!!


  12. Samsam says

    CC working sporadically even though only about 40′ from the router. I bought at TP-LINK and put it about 1/2 way between. The CC still does not run continuously. Stopping every few minutes to get the movie again. Solutions?

  13. Erik Ödlund says

    I have the problem that in the options for Wi-Fi there is no drop down menu, I can only change Wi-Fi by completely resetting the Chromecast.

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