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This is the online version of Chromecast manual. You can get the Kindle eBook version  of this book on Amazon Kindle Book store.

The Chromecast manual here is to help you setup and enjoy the $35 HDMI dongle.  I try to make it as simple as possible.  Of course, the PDF version of the Chromecast manual will be more comprehensive.

If you want to include more contents or topics in this online Chromecast manual, please let us know in the comment box below. We will update this Chromecast manual regularly.

Chromecast Manual Table of Contents

 1. Contents in the box

Chromecast manual: Chromecast box contentsOnce you open the box, you will find the following items:

  1. a Chromecast HDMI dongle
  2. a USB power cable,
  3. a power adapter
  4. an HDMI extender
  5. a product info booklet

Chromecast HDMI dongle

Chromecast HDMI dongle should be plugged into an  HDMI port on your TV. It is powered through the USB cable provided. You may use the power adapter provided or use the USB port in your TV to power the dongle.

Chromecast HDMI dongle must connect to an existing WiFi network to stream videos from the internet to your TV, or cast your Chrome  browser  from a supported PC or laptop.

Chromecast is controlled from any supported devices on the same WiFi network, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. There is no remote control for Chromecast.

USB power cable

The USB power cable is used to provide power for the Chromecast. One end (the smaller one, micro USB) plugs into your Chromecast, and the other end (normal USB) plugs into either a USB port on your TV or the power adapter provided.

Power adapter

The power adapter is optional, and can be used with the USB cable to power your Chromecast if your TV does not have a USB port.

Sometimes, your TV USB port may fail to provide sufficient current. It is recommended to use the power adapter for the initial setup.

HDMI extender

The HDMI extender is optional. It should be used if your Chromecast does not fit directly into your TV. The HDMI extender may also be used to improve your WiFI reception.  If it is recommended for the set up, you may see a notification on your TV screen to use the extender.

The HDMI extender should be connected to the TV first, then to the Chromecast.

Product info booklet

The booklet gives brief introduction of the contents in the box, and some warranty and safety information. Please read it before setting your Chromecast.

But this is not a Chromecast user manual.  and this is the reason why we wrote this online Chromecast manual to help you setup your Chromecast.

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2. Connect  Chromecast to TV

To setup Chromecast, you need connect Chromecast to your TV.  You may follow the following steps to connect Chromecast to TV:

Step 1: power up Chromecast.

Plug one end (smaller one, micro USB) of the USB power cable into your Chromecast and the other end of the USB power cable into the power adapter provided. Then plug the power adapter into a nearby power outlet.

You may also use USB port in your TV to power the Chromecast. But it is recommended to use the included power adapter.

Step 2:  Connect Chromecast to TV

Plug  Chromecast into any HDMI input port on your TV. If the fit is too tight or too lose, you may use the included HDMI extender.

If you already use up all HDMI ports, you may get a HDMI splitter or an HDMI switch (read Chromecast troubleshooting part on this). For the initial setup, you should try to use the HDMI port on TV directly.

Step 3: Switch to the correct HDMI source

If the HDMI source is set correctly, you should see the Chromecast setup screen on TV as shown below. The setup instruction reads like

Set me up

On your laptop or phone, visit,

My setup name is “ChromecastXXXX”

chromecast manual: chromecast setup screen

If your TV does not show this screen, it usually means you do not choose the source correctly. In your TV remote control, find the source button (usually next to power button), press to select the correct source.

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3. Setup Chromecast

Before using Chromecast, you must set up your Chromecast once.  Chromecast setup can be done in an Android or iOS phone or tablet or a Mac, Windows or Chromebook Pixel computer.

Once the Chromecasrt setup is finished, you can cast from all supported devices without having to set up Chromecast again. Then only requirement is that your device and Chromecast must connect to the same network (the same router). Chromecast supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. 5GHz is NOT supported.

For dual-band routers, your device can connect to 5GHz; while Chromecast connects to 2.4GHz.

Before you begin the Chromecast setup process, make sure your device to be used for setup is connected to a wireless network. Chromecast later will join the same network. Then visiting on a device that is running a supported operating system:

  • Android Gingerbread 2.3 & higher
  • iOS6 & higher
  • Windows 7 & higher
  • OS X 10.7 & higher
  • Chrome OS (Chromebook Pixel on Chrome 28 & higher)

Following the on-screen instructions to finish the Chromecast setup process.

If your Chromecast is set up correctly and your TV is on the correct input source, you will see the Chromecast “ready to cast” screen (Home Screen) with your Wi-Fi network name refereed on the bottom left-hand side (see image below).

Chromecast manual: chromecast-setup-ready-to-cast

Please read individual Chromecast setup instructions for:

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3.1 Chromecast setup from a Windows PC

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, follow the following steps:

Step 1: make sure your PC is connected to the  router either through a cable or through wireless.

Step 2: Install Google Chrome.

Chromecast only works with Chrome browser. So, if your computer does not have Chrome browser yet, download one from:

Follow the instructions to install the browser.

Step 3: Download the Chromecast App.

In your browser, navigate to Save the file or run it once it is downloaded. If you choose to save the file, you will need to double click on the file to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Run the Chromecast app.

Once the app is started, it will automatically start to search for the Chromecast device nearby.

When  the Chromecast was found,  the device’s name will be shown on  your PC. You will see the screen of “Ready to setup ChromecastXXXX”.

Click “Continue” in the installer.

Now check the code shown on your TV screen and the App window.  Click That’s my Code  if the codes match.

Then,  you will be asked to provide the info of the wireless network to be used for Chromecast.  Chromecast will connect to this network automatically next time.

If the setup is successful, you will see the “ready to cast” screen.

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3.2 Chromecast setup  from Android phone or Android tablet

To set up Chromecast using your Android phone or tablet, you must install the Chromecast App for Android. Your Android device must run Android 2.3 or later versions.

Step 1: Make sure your Android phone or tablet is connect to the WiFi network.

Step 2: Get the Chromecast App  for Android.

You can get the App in Google Play store directly or at:

Or navigate to:

Step 3: Launch the Chromecast App for Android.

Once the app is launched, it will automatically search for Chromecast devices in range. Select the Chromecast device you want to set up from the list and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the setup of your Chromecast. The other steps are similar to those for Windows PC.

If the setup is successful, you will see the “ready to cast” screen.

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3.3 Chromecast setup from iPhone or iPad

To set up Chromecast using your iOS phone or tablet, you must install the Chromecast App for iOS, which is available for iOS devices running iOS 6 or later.

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connect to the WiFi network.

Step 2: Get the Chromecast App  for iOS from iTunes.

You can get the App in iTunes directly or at:

Or navigate to:

Step 3: Launch the Chromecast App for Android

Once the app is launched, it will automatically search for Chromecast devices in range. Select the Chromecast device you want to set up from the list and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the setup of your Chromecast. The other steps are similar to those for Windows PC.

If the setup is successful, you will see the “ready to cast” screen.

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3.4 Chromecast setup from Mac OS and OS X

To  set up Chromecast on Mac, follow the similar steps as in Windows. The requirement is that you need OS X 10.7 or higher.

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4. Troubleshoot Chromecast and FAQs

Q1. Nothing shows on TV screen. 

A1: The possible causes:

  • Forget to turn on TV. Turn on it.
  • No power for Chromecast. Check the light on your Chromecast. It should be illuminated or blinking.
  • USB port in TV does not provide enough current for Chromecast. The LED color will be in red. Try the included power adapter
  • TV source is not set to the HDMI port.  Check the source options in TV.
  • You are using some old HDMI switch or splitter. Most of them should work with Chromecast, but a few many not. Try to plug Chromecast to the TV directly.

Q2. My PC (laptop, smartphone, tablet…) does not find any devices when running the Chromecast App.

A2: Possible causes:

  • Your PC (laptop, smartphone, tablet…) is not connected to the wireless router. Connect your device to your home network.
  • Your PC  (laptop) is using cable connection to the router. Most of the time, this is NOT a problem. But some router may have strange settings for LAN and wireless. So, try wireless connection.
  • Your PC does not have wireless card. You must use a PC with wireless capabilities.
  • Your PC  (laptop, smartphone, tablet…) is using 5GHz connection. Most of the time, this is NOT a problem. But some router may have strange settings for these two networks. So, try 2.4GHz wireless connection.
  • Your PC  (laptop, smartphone, tablet…) is using 802.11 AC connection. Most of the time, this is NOT a problem. But some router may have strange settings for AC and b/g/n network. So, try to disable AC in your router.

Q3: to be added…

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5. Chromecast Tips

Chromecast tips are now merged with Chromecast  how-to guides. More topics on using Chromecast are also there.

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  1. MARCHI says

    j’essaie de paramétrer mon “chromecast” et j’ai ce message d’erreur sur l’écran tv: (chromecast 3095 est connecté à LiveBox-f475 mais impossible d’accéder à internet)

    Merci de votre aide

  2. Lyne says

    Bonjour i have installed my chromecast and i see on my tv screen that it’s there. It says Ready to cast. But when trying to add my Ipad, the instrutions tell me to select the chromecast network and then come back to the apps but the network is not there. I could see it prior to the instalation. Thank you for your help.

  3. Susan Webb says

    chtomecast will not show setup on tv screen. chrome cast setsup fine on table but will not show on tv so tv won’t set up!

  4. Susan Webb says

    Yay! I switched the HDMI port on side of tv and it worked. The pictures directions showed to change input with remote which I had been trying to do and would not work..

  5. Tim says

    Is there anyway to speed up casting from tab in the chrome browser? This works very well for supported apps like Netflix However, casting from tabs falls far short of Airplay. I dropped the quality to the lowest settings and video is still much too laggy to watch. I have very high-speed internet (80 down and 30 up) so that’s not the issue.

  6. Marshdom says

    Chromecast setup fine. Apps on iPad like Netflix and BBC iPlayer play fine on iPad with casting icon present. Try to cast and iPlayer says “there was a problem try again later” and Netflix just freezes. Any idea where the problem lies? Many thanks.

  7. Robert T Lebel says

    I easily connect the chromecast to my TV and was able to use it from my laptop via Wifi.
    Unfortunately, it refuse to connect to my Galaxy S3 smartphone. The phone does not find it.
    Is there incompatibility issues with some specific devices like the Samsung GS3?

  8. cecilia fox says

    Wish I had this info before I bought this thing. The product has no info regarding operating system requirements. I was planning on using my Galaxy Tab. I couldnt even download the app because Google Play says I dont have a device. I tried my rarely used Windows XP laptop after downloading the Chrome browser as the prefered browse. Chrome opened up in IE! Ive got a Windows 7 desktop but that wont do me any good. I guess these things only cater to people that always have the latest tech and send lots of equipment to landfills.

  9. cecilia fox says

    Thanks for the response. I’m usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out but I’m not getting anywhere. My firmware version is 2.3.4 and buildware is Gingerbread.E17. I dont know which is more relevent. The update is current.

    I also read somewhere in my post purchase research that Chromecast will not do what I specifically bought it to do. I want to watch directly from network websites like PBS or CBS. The BestBuy person assured me that it would do that.

  10. Debashis Das says

    Hello Simon,

    I’m from India, I’ve purchased that Chromecast. Could you please clear me how it’ll work if I’ll play any movie @my android mobile phone can I show the same @my HD TV.

    Could you please share me the steps how I’ll connect with the HD TV and Mobile.



  11. David says

    I installed chromecast to my tv through my android phone on March 7th. I’ve been watching movies via netflix since that time until and including yesterday. Last night and today, I can’t seem to get chromecast to appear on my tv. My tv screen is black, as if it is off, but it is NOT off. On my phone, it states “Not in range”. I also notice other people’s tag names with my secured addess listed on my phone. Has someone stolen my access? I can’t seem to figure this one out. Please help! And Thanks!

  12. says

    I have been using Chromecast for a while now and I love it but our internet got shut off and a friend is letting me use his WIFI can I watch chromecast on his WIFI if it isn’t in my house?? I have to have my computer outside for it to connect because it it two houses down. Is it possible

  13. Joop Stroucken says

    Hi, I have no empty HDMI port left on my TV, instead I use an HDMI switch, which still has one port available.
    I use the Marmitek Connect 310 HDMI Switcher. Could I use the Chromecast with this HDMI switch?
    If not, I have no use for it, so for me this is essential. Is there a list of HDMI switches that work with Chromecast?

  14. mike says

    chromecast works good on my laptop, but i want it on my samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet that is running android 4.0.1, but i get a incompatable error. the specs says it should be android 3 and higher. Sho whats the problem?

  15. mike says

    on the laptop when the app is checking for compatability. and the vizio i have is completely unplugged and in the box so unless there is a cap that’s letting send a signal, i am really confused. and i just want to also say thanks for any and all help you have provided.

  16. mike says

    to be honest i’m not sure what i did. i have a samsung galaxy 10.1 tab ( wifi ). I am checking w/samsung on this also cause it is sparatic in running, and the app doesn’t show in the app area. so it’s a hit and miss on if it’s gonna work. again thanks for the assist. i’ll let you know if we find anything out.

  17. Kevin says

    I just had a question before I purchased this product. I have been doing research and I was wondering if you purchased 2 chromecast devices is it possible to set them up on 2 different TVs on the same router? Thanks in advance

  18. Dharmesh PAtel says

    Can you install multiple Chrome Cast devices to multiple TV’s showing different things on each TV?

  19. albert ramirez says

    i’ve been trying to disconnect my chrome cast from my galaxy note 3 but it wont disconnect from it. It wont even cast on my screen either I’ve been trying to unplug the chromecast and still nothing so what can i do because i want to watch my movies but i cant and its so frustrating so please can anyone can help me please. Thank You

  20. says

    question–I can cast to my tv from tablet and pc, but I REALLY want to be able to cast from my tablet to my pc—it says it’s casting, but I see nothing showing…ideas? Thanks

  21. Milo says

    Hi, my Chromecast can’t connect to the wifi network. The modem has WPS security and is a Orange Livebox 4B88 (France). Usually if I need to connect my phone or new device, I always need to press the WPS button on the modem and at the same time on my device. Since there is no such possibility on Chromecast, please advice how to connect the Chromecast to the WiFi. Thanks

  22. Bob Kale says

    hi, screen mirroring works fine with my s4 but when I tried with my note 10.1 2014 cannot find the option cast this screen on the chromecast app 1.7.4. My tablet is running android 4.3. Any idea? Any other app to sreen mirror?

  23. Abhay Kumar says

    I have SONY BRAVIA TV which is two years old.It is WI-FI enabled but it requires USB Wireless LAN Adapter UWA-BR100 to access the internet. Can chromecast serve the pupose of this device USB Wireless LAN Adapter UWA-BR100. Please reply asap.

  24. Vishal says

    Can a Chromecast connected to external electrical plug, using the adapter, cause an electrical surge in the TV. My TV circuit board damaged as soon as I switched the plug on. Google customer service is saying HDMI don’t pass on the electric current inside the TV.

  25. Lauren G says

    I have everything set up but now that I try and stream from my iPad to the tv and there is no button to click to send it to the tv

  26. Polaris says

    I set up chrome cast with my Android tablet. Tried getting my phone to connect with the chrome cast and it can’t find it. Can you use 2 devices with the same chrome cast?

  27. mina says

    I had someone set up the chromecast to my HD tv. My question is….if for some reason, I unplug the device from my tv and plug it back in at a later time, will I have to set it up again / reprogram or will chromecast remember the device it’s attached to?

  28. moe says

    i installed chromecast on my ipad and realized that the chrome internet browser app is not supported to be i want to use the chromcast on my laptop but it is not recognizing it when i try to install it on the laptop.

  29. Abhay says

    can chromecast works with any HDMI switcher? i have only one HDMI port in my TV and i want to buy HDMI switcher for the same.

  30. says

    Using chromecast with Samsung galaxy note
    10.1, works great with netflix yahoo etc. But I, d like to use it to surf Web -mirroring I think – but can’t seem to get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

  31. Louise says

    I have an iPad I have connected to my tv via chromecast. When using the chromecast app “play movies” when playing movies the movies are lagging (or buffering?). The movies are unwatchable it is so bad. I don’t have the probl watching the movies directly off my iPad – only when I cast to the tv.
    I read that May need to changes play back settings in the chromecast app. But how do I do this on an iPad? I don’t have a laptop.

    Would this be te reason my movies are lagging/buffering?

  32. Sammy says

    I really enjoy my chromecast, but I do have one issue with it. Whenever I exit out of google chrome after casting and then open google chrome again, I always have to re-download the google cast extension before I can cast. If I stop casting and leave the google chrome open, the cast icon doesn’t disappear. I have a windows 8.1 laptop that I cast from. Any ideas how I can set up my computer so I don’t have to download the extension every time? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

  33. al says

    I connect my chromecast to my TV , select input channel…which is correct. I then see a spinning chrome wheel then black screen… Then nothing…..just a black screen. When downloading a Chromecast app, and trying to link the pc to chromecast dongle…I cannot see a passcode to match the one on my pc. Is this is a waste of £30?

  34. Beck says

    the chromecast button is not showing on my ipad or labtop? It shows on my phone thou. What do i have to do to get it to show on the ipad or labtop? It worked earlier on the ipad but when I switched the tv back to cable then tried using chromecast again the button doesnt appear on the ipad anymore

  35. Patricia Santos Todd says

    Hi, Read through your post. Could not find what happened to me. On my ipad it shows ‘devices’ – my device is there and says it is ready to cast but I have no way to actually cast a video. I go to the videos stored on my ipad and play them but it does not show on the tv screen. I tried downloading realplayer cloud but it will not stream any of my videos.
    Seems to work off my macbook, though very shotty… Am about to give up!! Help?

  36. eaII says

    I tried to set up Chromecast via the Chromcast setup app on my laptop. I kept gettng an “uh-oh” messsage saying something about my router. So I used my iphone insted, downloaded the iphone app, and set up my Chromecast device using that. I then downloaeded the Chromecast extension for the Chrome browse on my laptopr. I am able to cast from the Chrome browser now to my tv. But when I go back to the Chromecast setup app, it still says “No Chromecasts found on my network.” How is that possible when I can cast from the Chrome browser? Any idea how to fix this?

  37. Marlene says

    So one chromcast is needed per tv ? I cannot cast in my room and set up chromcast for my son in his room,on his tv ? Thanks

  38. says

    Hi Simon,

    I’m a new user to Chromecast and pretty much gone through quite a few sites to solve the Chromecast no volume / audio issue but still can’t get the sound from Youtube or media files to flow.

    Could you kindly advise some workaround or solutions?

    I’m getting a soft buzzing on my TV speakers (no other sound) while playing Youtube videos on Chromecast but normal analog tv channels works fine.

    My TV set is the older generation of Philips LED tv with only 01 HDMI port and no USB port.

    Thank you :)

  39. mike says

    if your using the ac adapator, make sure it is on a grounded outlet. some non grounded outlets can cause a AC hum to be heard on speakers.

  40. John says

    I’ve set up chrome cast successfully and used Netflix immediately, now when I want to cast I cannot because my iPad does not show the cast in the wifi list, I’ve searched with my iphone and laptop and sign of it, have also searched unsuccessfully via the chrome cast app. What am I missing? Thank you.

  41. John says

    I have the app installed on my devices and everything worked ok initially, it’s only since going back to use for the 2nd time that issues arose. I have re set the Chromecast a few times but keep getting the uh oh message saying it can’t talk to the same router as the iPad which it did do originally and I’ve not changed any settings so why has it fallen off! I’ve noticed it gets as far changing the name to what I have selected and then connection is lost.

  42. jsmanrique says

    I have connected my Chromecast to HDMI port on Samsung SyncMaster P2470LHD and plugged the usb to a charger, but selecting HDMI input with the remote doesn’t show anything. Actually it says that there is no device connected. Chromecast blinks white and the android app finds it, but it seems that the TV doesn’t recognize it. Any tip?

  43. says

    Very Confused. Yesterday i purchased my chromecast and set it all up fine. It took two attempts but it was working none-the-less. I watched a film and some random stuff from youtube to test it – all fine and dandy. Left it overnight (plugged in). Came back to it this morning and i have only a black screen for the HDMI channel. I have checked the chromecast and the light is on fine. I have switched HMDI ports and channels and still just a black screen. According to my phone it is ready to cast…. any ideas anyone?!

  44. Brian says

    Chromecast was working fine on my Samsung TV but a few days ago the screen went black. Switched HDMI ports and powered off and on and reset chromescast but no joy. Audio is still working and it is casting but no picture. HDMI ports still work for other devices. Tested chromecast on Kids LG TV and it works fine there. Any ideas?

  45. Rafal says

    I was able to set it up, I got on screen “ready to cast”, but whenever I tried to play videos from Netflix, YouTube, BTSport etc, I was getting a message” error playing a vidoe please chose another one. I got same results when I repeat my action over and over again. I even went to the store and changed it for another one, but I got same results.
    Is there anything else i can do ?

  46. Ayman says


    I get the following message while installing “Make sure your Chromecast is powered on and you are not on VPN”.

  47. adam says

    Hi ,
    I have chrome cast plugged into my tv in bedroom been using it for 2 months everything fine then it has just stopped working light is on and everything connected tried it on different tv in living room and it worked so tried it back on original tv I had been using and all I get is the message not support hdmi extender is also plugged in any ideas?

  48. steve hicks says

    Hi I can play music through SoundCloud on Chromecast but when trying to play you tube video’s keep getting message unable to play this video please try another can you help please ?

  49. kathy says

    I have been using my chromecast and my samsung tablet and everything was great. One night the internet failed, I rebooted the router and everything came back. Then the show stopped , said it was reloading and that was it. I cannot connect the doble to wifi again. How can I get it connected to my wifi again.

  50. Ian says

    I am not sure if this has been posted before but it might help some who are having a problem getting Chromecast to work with a BT Home hub.
    Having followed the set up procedure and established connection OK Youtube and iPlayer would not play, I knew that Chromecast was working as I could display web pages from the Chrome browser on my PC OK (with plugin).
    I finally found the solution, which had been posted on various forums, and that is to turn off ‘Smart Setup’ on the Home Hub – everything then worked as it should.
    Details on how to do this can be found on Google – search Chromecast BT Home Hub.

  51. amanda says

    I have chromecast installed on my tv. I have tried to cast to it from my laptop, Galaxy tab, and samsung galaxy s3 phone and none works. I can reboot the chromecast from all devices but none cast video. Laptop says unexpected error. Phone and tablet don’t show cast button on any apps (youtube/ netflix/etc). Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  52. Rodel says

    Chromecast damaged my TV: I bought chromecast from currys last week, set it up in the evening, I was able to use it for an hour then turn off my TV but left the chromecast plugged in the power supply then to the HDMI port of my TV, the following morning my 50″ LG TV wont work anymore, it will only light up for few seconds and turns blank wont do anything else, but I can hear alien like sound like a slow motion video sound. Please help me

  53. says

    In your opinion, 1. Can the Chrome cast dongle and the USB both be connected to the TV and be left connected to the TV at all times?
    2. If the answer to #1 is yes, which is best, to leave the USB connected to the TV or the included power adapter plugged into the wall socket?
    3. Or, do you recommend unplugging both the USB and Chrome cast dongle unit when not in use?

    Thanks in advance.

  54. joshua says

    Can you help me I have a frustrating problem my chrome cast has done something to my Internet I can no longer find my Internet this problem occurred 2 hours after I plugged in the Chrome cast nothing in my house is working laptop phones TV even the chrome cast can pick up my Internet I can’t even see the name of my Internet

  55. Armin says

    ChromeCast worked perfect for about a month until decided we watch too much content, and now requires to enter a reCaptcha. On the PC it reads: “Sorry for the interruption. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. To continue with your YouTube experience, please enter the verification code below” No problem on a PC, you just type in the barely readable code and move on. But the ChromeCast displays: “There was an error playing this video – Please choose another video” on every video and playlist. How do you get past this? I’m assuming YouTube wants the Chromecast to enter a reCaptcha, as it requires on every PC, smartphone, or tablet. A little background info, I installed 2 Chromecasts in a hairsalon, as they want FashionTV all day. The local cable or satellite providers do not carry this station. YouTube runs for about 9-10hrs a day playing 2 playlists simultaneously. Perfect picture quality, no lag,up until yesterday.

  56. Acepoet says

    My set this up for me and it worked fine. I’m sure he told me to click on a particular button but can’t remember where it is. Tried to use today can get the film playing on my PC but it isn’t showing on TV I know I’m in the right HDMI port. Can you help? Thanks

  57. camille lievense says

    I have had chromecast for a year and ran it though my LG phone. We downloaded it to the laptop and my wifi connects to the phone for 5 seconds and then kicks me off. No problem with any other phone or devices, just my phone. I purchased a more powerful router and when I set up the laptop to chromecast my phone again gets kicked out of the wifi. Should I run chromecast just through my phone like I did previously?

  58. says

    I am trying to run the Chromecast through an HDMI input on my Integra receiver out to my TV and the picture is scrambled. Have checked to make sure I have the input correct and tried switching to another input only to have the same problem. Additionally, I plugged it directly into another TV and the setup screen showed up perfectly, so the Chromecast itself is fine. Everything else (cable, dvd, xbox) plays through receiver to TV fine.

  59. Acepoet says

    Put Chromecast on and it came up with the casting symbol with a red cross in it. In trying to get rid of this I have inadvertantely allowed pop ups. Now the casting symbol has totally disappeared and I can’t watch anything on the TV. I have unplugged and reinserted it but still nothing. Can you please advise how to get this working again. Thanks

  60. gerald dennis says

    Mine used to work, but doesn’t any more. Doing the setup again goes normally, but it stalls saying it can’t communicate with the network.

  61. Dave says

    how can i stop my chromecast from a never ending cycle of updating. ive tried plugging directly into mains ,ive tried resetting via the button/app, ive tried restarting my router more than once,(i think) ive tried everything to get the damn thing going again but to no avail.

  62. Gebo says

    “The PDF version of Chromecast user manual will be released in January 2014, and it will be free.” Why is this sentence written in the future tense? January 2014 was more than one year ago!

  63. jan says

    Chromecast slår ut min router och nätverk när jag kopplar upp en film . kan titta på filmen men sen är det omställning i raoutern som gäller vad gör jag för fel

  64. marie barger says

    I have an issue. I own three chromecasts on three different tvs. I am trying to use two of them to cast two different tabs from my chrome browser. When I tell it to cast this tab to xx and then go to a different tab and tell it to cast to yy, xx stops casting and yy goes on. Why can’t they both work?

  65. Aravind says

    I have a Sony Bravia EX 300 tv I want to know whether using chromcast will I be able to play media from windows 8 laptop to tv?will the audio and video work perfectly

  66. Richard Fox says

    I am trying to use Chromecast with my Windows 7 desktop. I downloaded the app but when i double click it says “no big deal but your wi-fi is off”. We installed it on Android phone yesterday and it works great. Same wi-fi network. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  67. says

    Please provide a list of the Error Indicator LEDs and what their colors/patters indicate. It seems that a solid red light indicates the Chromecast is not receiving enough power to charge. What does a blinking white light indicate? How about a solid white light? What is the color supposed to be when the device is functioning normally and is being used?

    Thank you.

  68. Mere' says

    We have a chromecast for our front room TV & master bedroom TV too… Love it. However, we just bought a TV & a chromecast for my 16 yr old son & his bedroom. Everything set up fine.

    **HOWEVER**, it seems that once I change over to watch a YouTube video or Google play/Vudo movie on my phone or tablet, we can on have 2 chromecast choices. (Example: Front Room & Master Bedroom, Second Bedroom is not available to choose from)

    So is there a limit on how many chromecast devices you can run from a device (ie: phone, tablet)? Or is it that there’s a limit on how many chromecast devices will work per internet network? On the chromecast app it shows all 3 devices, but you cannot stream anything to the 3rd (aka: last device added), because when we hit the chromecast icon on YouTube or Google Movies or Vudu, we are only given 2 options to choose from to stream to. Very discouraging!

    I’ve read everything online to troubleshoot, but this is not addressed.

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